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Reaching Your Highest Potential as a Leader

To truly motivate and engage employees to perform at a high level, they have to have an emotional commitment to their bosses, their work and their organization.

It’s feeling and emotions that drive human behavior. Staff members have to be emotionally excited enough about a company’s goals and vision that make them want to jump out of bed in the morning.

Emotionally committed staff members have a secret weapon that you won’t find in employees merely going through the motions and putting in the bare minimum. It is called discretionary effort. This is performance that comes from the heart and you can’t find it anywhere else. It’s performance that goes the extra mile and exceeds all expectations.

Thus, leaders that make people “feel” in their jobs will have the greatest impact on their performance. It starts and ends with leadership.

To determine your capacity to help staff members reach their highest potential, see if you answer these questions with “yes”:

  • As a leader, do you listen to everyone in your organization and figure out ways to get them talking and sharing ideas?
  • As a leader, do you leverage everyone’s strengths to achieve your team’s goals?
  • As a leader, do you grant your staff members autonomy and let them take ownership of work outcomes?
  • As a leader, are you transparent and do you communicate everything you can to your people? Do you communicate both the bad and good news?
  • As a leader, do you give your best workers a lot of freedom to make mistakes and don’t second guess them?
  • As a leader, do you take an active interest in others as people, and make everyone feel included?
  • As a leader, do you provide ongoing feedback and let people know how well they’re doing?
  • As a leader, do you help others grow and learn new skills? Do you truly know your staff member’s personal and professional goals?
  • As a leader, do you make sure people know what their goals are and do everything possible to support, encourage and coach them to accomplish those goals?

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