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Leadership with Dr. Dan: Qualities of a Successful Manager

by Dr. Dan Markwalder

You have heard it said, “Employees do not leave companies, they leave managers.”   So, what are the most important qualities that employees look for with their managers/leaders?  First, do you really know me as a person?   Most employees feel anonymous at work – they do not feel their managers really know them as a person.  
Second, relevancy of your job.  Managers help employees understand why their job matters.  There is a  famous story of when President John Kennedy was visiting NASA and he came across a man mopping the floors.  The President asked, “What is your job?”   The man replied, “To send a man to the moon, Mr President.”  The people you lead must be able to understand how they contribute to the organization and to the team as a whole.  
Third, successful managers help their people access and understand if they are exceeding in their respective role.  They help the person in a tangible and observable ways for their employee to understand if they are successful in their job/position.  

Ask yourself as a leader:  Do I really know my people who report to me?   Do they find relevancy in their position?  Do they know if they are succeeding in their position?  
Homework assignment:  Post for all your people to see throughout the month:  How the respective positions in your organization has contributed to the success of the practice.  Use tangible examples for your people to see. 

Or, use these examples at the next staff meeting.   Do the “janitors” understand as clearly as you how important their role is in the practice?    

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