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Leadership with Dr. Dan: Leaders Lead

by Dr. Dan Markwalder

Imagine for a moment.   You have 10 minutes before you leave and a choice:  A.  Allow your 13 month old son to feed himself before you left the house.  As much yogurt would end up on the you and the floor as in his mouth, and you would likely have to change clothes.    Or . . . B.  Feed him yourself.  An attractive option given it would be easier, faster, and much, much less time. 

What would you choose?   If you chose option A, you would be late, have to change clothes and the carpet got yogurt spills.  Why put yourself through that misery?  

Because without it, your son will never learn independently to feed himself with a spoon.  

Leadership development is scary because in the lives of future leaders – managers, team leads, technicians,  CSR’s, associate doctors or  managing doctors it requires a loss of control.  It requires giving them opportunities, experiences, and work that you would normally do yourself.  You could probably do it faster, and maybe even better, but if you don’t give them the chance . . . they will never learn what they are capable of.

Leader’s Lead.

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