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How to be a Super Boss

We have often heard the saying, “People do not leave companies, they leave bosses.” The number one issue for most bosses/managers/leaders: Talent recruitment and retention. If these two statements are true, this presupposes the question: What makes a super boss or super leader or super manager to recruit top talent and retain them.

First, a super boss believes in Customization management. What is customization? It is the belief that each person on your team is an individual first and foremost. Second, a super boss knows what makes each person on his/her team tick. They will lead/manager/inspire each person based on what that person needs at that point in time.

Second, a super boss believes in delegation. There are only three types of delegation: 1. Ineffective – in other words, no delegation 2. Delegate and forget – in other words, delegate and leave the person to fend for him/herself 3. Delegate and roll up your sleeves – in other words, mentor and coach this person to be proficient in whatever you need to delegate.

Third, a super boss is committed in making the team better. They inspire and create a sense of loyalty in their team. They look to see what the needs of the individual members of the team need to develop a powerful bond between the report and themselves. For instance, we all know millennials want to make an impact. If they do not feel they are impacting for some greater good, they will leave the company. Super bosses are not afraid to give them a “seat at the table.”

Fourth, super bosses understand that different leadership styles are needed for different people. A one size fits all simply does not work. Some need a coach, a mentor, a teacher while others, the freedom to take on more responsibilities in the organization.

Questions to ask yourself?

  • Do you really know each member on your team?
  • Do you successfully know how to delegate?
  • Is your team better than it was 6 months ago, one year ago?
  • Are you a coach, mentor and teacher?
  • How would your team members answer these questions?

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