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Helpful Recruiting Tips

Periodically, I will take a brief hiatus from “Happy Monday Leadership” blogs to speak about some topics that we as an organization may be dealing with: culture, hiring, reviews, training, or other leadership and management issues. Over the next few week I will be writing about: recruiting and hiring.

As many of you know, we are in a period of low unemployment with a robust economy. Although this is most likely cyclical and we will experience a recession at some point in time, we as leaders of our respective hospitals must be proactive in our recruitment and hiring in this competitive environment we find ourselves in. As a partner who oversees recruitment and hiring of doctors, I have had to adapt to the every changing landscape. The information I will share is adapted from me and Veterinary Briefs.

Teams members are the number one asset of any business. According to Veterinary Hospital Manager’s Association, 20% of a practice manager responsibilities covers human resource management – this includes searching for new team members, recruiting and interviewing. Gone are the days when more than 30 applicants left management with a tough decision between the top 2 candidates.

First, always be on the lookout for the right addition to the team. Hand out your business cards to potential candidates at the grocery store, coffee house, or restaurant. When you see exceptional customer service, try and recruit this candidate – hire for attitude and train for skills. According to Leadership IQ, Mark Murphy, 46% of new hires fail because the practice manager overlooked poor communication skills or lack of emotional intelligence. Only 11% of the 46% fail because of lack of technical skills. If you purchase coffee at Starbuck and see the perfect barista with outstanding client service skills, hand out your business card.

Other helpful tips in recruiting candidates for positions at your hospital:

  • Post jobs on our FaceBook, Linkedin, Instagram pages of the hospitals – we have over 20,000 active clients – great recruitment site is: Ask a client?
  • Ask your highly motivated staff members – give them an incentive – a “finders fee.”
  • Local community colleges and theater companies are great recruitment centers for veterinary hospitals.
  • AAHA’s MyVetCenter for techncians, and iHireVeterinary are two recruitment sites.
  • The practice website – now that we are working on SEO, this is a great place to advertise any positions available.
  • Local area high schools for summer help or part time help after school or on the much needed help on the weekends.

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