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Having Fun as a Leader

(adapted from Tim Hiller): “Tim.”
I jolted from my film watching trance in the dark meeting room at Anderson University, home of the Indianapolis Colts training camp. Peyton Manning was staring at me from the desk right in front of mine.
“GPA senior year of college?”
“4.0” I replied.
“You’re running in a race,” Peyton started, “and you pass the runner in third place. What place are you in?”
“Second,” I answered without thinking. Really, really bad idea.
“GPA senior year of college?” Peyton asked again with a wry smile, turning around to restart the film while chuckles reverberated throughout the room. (In case you haven’t figured it out yet, when you pass the runner in third place, you are now in third place!)
Yes, leadership is serious business. Leaders are expected to deliver results. Everything hinges on leadership. Your business, your school, your team, your clients, your family—they are counting on your guidance and direction. It is a great privilege, responsibility, and honor to lead. But leadership isn’t so serious that we can’t have some fun along the way. Today as you lead, enjoy it! Have some fun. And think about how you can make it fun for those around you too.

Leaders Lead
– Dan

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