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Culture & Leadership

“Leaders shape the culture, Culture produces the behavior and Behavior produces the results.” – Brian Knight, CEO of Focus3

Culture is defined as the shared beliefs and values that guide thinking and behavior.

So, three questions:

  • As a leader, how are you driving or shaping the culture in your sphere of influence?
  • Do you have any “problem” staff members? Ask yourself: a. Does this individual know and understand or “drink the Kool Aid” of the culture? B. Have you witnessed the skills and knowledge of the culture values with this individual? C. Does this individual possess the motivation? D. Does this individual possess the confidence?
  • If the “results” are off – for instance, customer service, work product, does not work well with other staff members – whatever the case may be – ask yourself — what is the current pulse of the culture of my work place?

Remember: You can’t manage people only things.
You can lead/inspire your people. Culture is the engine and you (the leader) are the driver.

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