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6 Questions All Leaders Should Ask Themselves

  1. Did I say “thank you?” Simple, thank you on a work anniversary for a staff member means much to the people who work for you. When was the last time you either called a staff member into your office to thank him or her or publicly thanked him or her in front of their peers for something they did.

  2. Did you “push” your team towards valuable learning material? Leaders are learners and encouraging their people to be learners. Are you sending learning materials towards your team?

  3. Did you change your mind because of a team member’s opinion? If you can’t put your finger on the last time you changed your mind because of a team member’s perspective or opinion, that’s a real problem. This means one of two things: 1. Your team members aren’t engaged enough in their job to come up with new ideas OR 2. You are not doing a good job asking their opinion.

  4. Did someone proactively ask for more responsibility or better yet, just do it without asking? No team can reach full potential without individual team members being proactive and seeking responsibility. When this isn’t happening it is often caused by a manager who tends to micromanage and assumes their team can’t complete tasks as well as they can. On the flip side, if a team member does this, they feel comfortable approaching you and are confident you are going to be open to it. This is a true sign of growth for a leader and staff member.

  5. Did you say “great job”? Simply said, praise is the true sign of a humble and well grounded leader. Specific praise either in private or public (by knowing your people, you will know who they want to be praised) is so often overlooked that studies show the average employee today goes over 2 weeks without any praise or recognition.

  6. What are the professional goals for your people? Find time to explore and encourage your people to document their professional goals and find ways to align the work they do on your team towards achievement of their goals.

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