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Jul 2 2021

How to be a Super Boss

We have often heard the saying, “People do not leave companies, they leave bosses.” The number one issue for most bosses/managers/leaders: Talent recruitment and retention. If these two statements are true, this presupposes the question: What makes a super boss or super leader or super manager to recruit top talent and retain them. First, a…
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Jun 25 2021

Helpful Recruiting Tips

Periodically, I will take a brief hiatus from “Happy Monday Leadership” blogs to speak about some topics that we as an organization may be dealing with: culture, hiring, reviews, training, or other leadership and management issues. Over the next few week I will be writing about: recruiting and hiring. As many of you know, we…
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Jun 4 2021

Having Fun as a Leader

(adapted from Tim Hiller): “Tim.” I jolted from my film watching trance in the dark meeting room at Anderson University, home of the Indianapolis Colts training camp. Peyton Manning was staring at me from the desk right in front of mine. “GPA senior year of college?” “4.0” I replied. “You’re running in a race,” Peyton started, “and you pass…
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May 28 2021

Working for a Better Tomorrow

“The next play is the most important play.” This quote is often used in the sports world but I think it applies to the business/leadership world as well. Tomorrow, next week, next month and next year will be here before you know it. Today is not the best day or biggest accomplishment of your life.…
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Apr 30 2021

10 Critical Steps in Becoming a Great Leader (Part 2)

Share Your Vision – Elon Musk did this for his team – “we are going to land people on Mars by 2025.” Imagine going to work there every day and working towards putting people on a different planet. As a leader, if you do not communicate an improved future state, the chances of you and…
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Apr 7 2021

10 Critical Steps in Becoming a Great Leader Pt. 1

Be Consistent – Consistency beats intensity every time. What keeps your teeth clean is not brushing them with vigor but brushing them twice daily. As steadfast adherence to principles and standards of behavior will make you the most successful leader you can be. Leadership is like parenting – inconsistency in your behavior with your children…
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Mar 26 2021

Staff Member Performance Issues: What to Do?

It is fairly common for me to hear a leader say “if only I can get my staff to do X.” If only my hospital would run efficiently when I’m not on there. If only I could get my team to accomplish the tasks I’ve outlined for them. If only… Whenever you are dealing with…
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Mar 5 2021

5 Simple Strategies to Become a Better Leader

Becoming a better leader comes down to either something you are either improving upon or declining in. Two factors contribute to this: your current experiences and dedication to your development. The question becomes: what are those things you can be doing to improve your leadership skills?Here are 5 ways to improve your leadership: Review the…
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Feb 26 2021


Harvard did a study of over 50,000 workers across 11 different firms and concluded that a toxic worker “engages in behavior that is harmful to an organization, including either its property or people.” Toxic workers are not low functioning or low status employees. They are talented people and productive people who act out in the…
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Feb 5 2021

Company Culture

We all know about successful companies like SouthWest Airline or Chick-fil-A having wonderful cultures. But it is important to know what culture is in the first place. Dan Coyle, author of The Culture Code writes this about culture: “ Culture is a set of living relationships working towards a shared goal. It is not something…
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