Who Are We and What We're Up To


It’s no trick, we’re serious about this. We built Companion Animal Hospital with a specific mission to abolish the impersonal care usually associated with corporations and amp up the private practice perks of personalized care and limitless compassion.

Why We Do What We Do?

Simple: we love pets, and we love helping people by helping their pets. A private practice offers personalized treatment that is second to none. We don’t want to take that experience away from pets or their people. So, we make the corporate model work for us. Our hospitals are run with the efficiency and affordability of a corporate-owned practice while providing the intimate care and experiences of a private practice.

We Need More of Us

Our founders, as well as our incredible administrative team, have made great strides in creating an animal hospital where people and their pets can receive exceptional service and personalized treatment. To accommodate our organization’s growth, we need more highly-driven, passionate people to join us on our journey. Get to know more about our team, browse our photo gallery, and dive into our blog for a glimpse of what makes the Companion Animal Hospitals extraordinary.

Why We Do What We Do?

Companion Animal Hospital Partners, LLC is devoted to being an organization with which veterinary professionals aspire to collaborate. By sustaining a reputation for state-of-the-art medicine and outstanding client service, we continually set ourselves apart from our competitors. Our organization offers a unique ownership model for our managing partners, which provides for significant future dividends in conjunction with a flexible exit strategy for retiring owners.

Companion Animal Hospital practice owners can also increase their earning capacity through proven administrative resources and mentoring. Our team is constantly working towards enhancing educational, supportive and cooperative work environments that further the development of positive experiences and professional growth.

We are always evolving, finding innovative ways to deliver advanced medical care to our patients. Our hospitals are equipped with cutting-edge technology and other tools necessary to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge in veterinary medicine. We challenge our teams to develop new and viable ideas to sustain our future and further enrich the culture of every Companion Animal Hospital.