Lessons Learned in the Field

Lessons Learned in the Field

Maybe it happened with a bit of laughter, maybe it didn’t, but regardless of how these vets learned their lessons, they are better for them. The veterinary field is packed with challenges and joys alike. Every veterinary professional needs to make their own way through the good times and the bad. How will you rise above it?

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Oct 1 2021

Making Each Day a Masterpiece: A Leadership Lesson I learn from Dianne Payne

Today, we will mourn the loss of a great person – a wife, a mom and a grandmother. What I learned from “momma Payne” is: Be All In. The great basketball coach, John Wooden who would say, “Make each day your masterpiece.”   What does this mean?  Well, basically, live in today. Don’t miss the moment…
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Work-Life Balance

What's Your Plan?

You’ve got some challenges ahead of you. We get it. More and more veterinarians are selling their practices to corporations to secure their retirement amidst limited options. Their desperate measures leave you and your glowing new veterinary degree in the dust.

Maybe you think you have what it takes to start a practice from scratch. Well, be prepared to work grueling hours. For years. And chances are you’ll hardly generate sufficient revenue to support yourself and your business.

If years of toil isn’t your thing, maybe a corporation is the way to go. Yet, be aware that while many can deftly manage the fiscal aspects of running a veterinary practice, oftentimes, their quality of care and services suffer. That doesn’t happen here. At Companion Animal Hospital, we understand that it’s the individual veterinarians who know their patients and clients best and are therefore better equipped to provide for their needs. So, we support veterinarians by giving them secure positions at one of our many hospitals, top-notch equipment, and a skilled support team.

Bottom Line: Too many corporations don’t accommodate clients at the same level as individual vets, which leads to a ‘quantity over quality’ situation.

We’ve Got a Better Idea

Our fantastic founders built Companion Animal Hospital in 2014 with the specific mission to counteract these corporate issues. Our goal is to combine the affordability and efficiency of corporate-owned practices with the quality of care and service provided in private practices to create the best value for pets and their owners. Basically, we have our cake and eat it, too.

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We Need You

We’re devoted to being an organization with which veterinary professionals aspire to collaborate. By sustaining a reputation for state-of-the-art medicine and outstanding client service, we continually set ourselves apart from our competitors.

As Companion Animal Hospital continues to grow, our need for like-minded, equally-dedicated team members continues to grow as well. We’re looking for skilled associate veterinarians who share our passion for excellence, and are happy to offer immediate partnership to entrepreneurial veterinarians. Meet our remarkable team members and learn more about our hospital locations for a better understanding of our vision. We hope you join us on our journey.